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 The companies featured below are based in Kawasaki, and are looking to expand their business overseas.

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A: Environment/Energy

Company name Contact details Message for companies overseas Photographs Detailed
Asia Souken Industries Co. Ltd. 03-6256-8170
Designing and Manufacturing of Industrial Transformer, Monitoring System for Solar Power Plant, HEMS and BEMS.
As a manufacturer of photocatalyst coating solution, we offer highly efficient photocatalyst products and a complete photocatalysis service.
We develop, manufacture and sell the detector for toxic gas and combustible gas for safety and health of working people with the original technology.
Masaki-sangyo Co.,Ltd 044-244-1575 We have succeeded in developing technology that produces cheap recycled chemicals that are as good as new ones, and sell distilled regenerated solvents. We also provide waste recycling that is indispensable to the environment. -
MAXIMUM TECHNOLOGY Corporation 044-589-4511
Our globally ranked low-resistance PTC thermistors have been mass produced for use in car door mirror circuits. We also have experience in producing various types of thermistors for over-current prevention. -
Nippon Basic Co., Ltd. 044-754-2892
We design, manufacture and sell various types of water purification devices, from our bicycle powered water purifying system that does not need to be plugged in, to desalination devices.
SOUSHOW Co.,Ltd. 044-788-3377 We offer a complete service of designing, selling and installing multipurpose film that is designed to help people to stay safe and protect their way of life.
Union Co., Ltd. 044-755-1107
We are a plastic molding manufacturer. We produce materials and products such as bamboo powder compounded resin that are friendly to the environment.
Upcon Co., Ltd. 044-820-8120
We repair sunken floors caused by ground subsidence. Use special urethane resin. Quick completion. No damage to the floors.

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B: Precision equipment, machinery, apparatus

Company name Contact details Message for companies overseas Photographs Detailed
AGC Technology Solutions Co., Ltd. 044-230-5627
We enable automation and robotization of production lines. Our comprehensive system covers design, production, test run, and technical support of our products.
Fillestar Co.,Ltd. 044-978-2520
Foundation in 1951,we are the leading company who supply the fish processing machineries .We disperse the Japanese-cultivated food culture(fish processing technology) toward the overseas.
FOMM (ASIA) Co., Ltd. 044-200-4020
Float and go. Develop a micro 4-seater electric vehicle. Reinnovate mobility services on a global scale.
Greentechno Co., Ltd. 044-755-2431
We develop, manufacture, and sell static electricity applications based on the key technology of high-voltage power supply (20kV to 100kV).
Hirama Laboratories Co., Ltd. 044-797-6410
Founded 62 years ago, we now own world-class technologies (many patents awarded) in precise and continuous management of chemical dilution, formulation, and concentration.
iXs Research Corporation 044-589-1500
We supply robots for inspection of aging public infrastructure or factory facilities. Our comprehensive system covers all phases of our work: from development to deployment at client sites.
JAPAN HIGH SPEED BORING CO., LTD 044-344-4231 We have spent 50 years as a pioneer in the deep hole boring industry. As well as improving the speed of our technology, we will strive to improve our precision and quality even further.
Kotobuki Techrex Ltd. 0438-64-5371
Founded in 1932, we are a chemical plant equipment manufacturing company located in Japan, China, and Thailand supplying both products and services.
We specialize in the fields of spot welding measuring equipment, expendables for welding, and security/surveillance camera devices, and work hard to meet our customers' requests.
Morita Tech Co., Ltd. 042-401-6330
We design and develop RF switching units and shield boxes for wireless device testing, and electromagnetic wave visualization devices for EMC control.
Nagao System Inc. 044-954-4486
Our tilted planetary ball mill, 3D ball mill and 3D planetary ball mill were developed independently and are patented, so they cannot be copied by other companies.
Shinka Industry Co., Ltd. 044-589-6367
We design, manufacture, and sell ultrasonic reactor, ultrasonic dispersion equipment, ultrasonic cleaner for pipe cleaning, and rod-shaped ultrasonic cleaner.
Shinwa Controls Co., Ltd. 044-986-1861 We design, develop, manufacture and sell precision temperature control equipment for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and solenoid valves for medical equipment. -
Sogo Spring Mfg Co., Ltd. 044-981-1400
In 1982, we were approved as Boeing's designated factory. Since then, we have been specializing in manufacturing of springs for aircraft. Currently, we also make FAA-PMA parts.
TOYOKO KAGAKU CO., LTD. 044-435-5862
Through our Total Gas Management (TGM) covering the supply of industrial gases as well as their scrubbing, recycling, disaster prevention, and environmental measures in an integrated manner to meet customer needs.
WAKO KEISOKU CO., LTD. 044-833-7181 We have developed liquid level control and detection technology that is sure to be of use to your company.

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C: Electronics

Company name Contact details Message for companies overseas Photographs Detailed
KEISOKU GIKEN Co.,Ltd. 045-500-9845
We manufacture standard signal generators and analyzers, and spurious GPS and GLONASS satellite signal generators. -
Kyodo International, Inc. 044-853-2611
We have networks in various countries around the world, and provide products and services for a wide variety of fields, such as electronics, food, livestock and biotechnology.
We mainly develop and manufacture electronics, and manufacture and export Scale Sports, a 1/5 scale radio controlled car.
MIWA ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. 044-722-7131
Since our company was established in 1944, we have manufactured and sold electric indicators and control equipment for power companies.
QD Laser, Inc 044-333-3338
We distribute high-performance semiconductor lasers and epitaxial wafers on GaAs substrates for use in communications and industry.
TAKANE ELECTRONICS CORPORATION 044-751-6101 From trial manufacture to mass production, we use our domestic and foreign bases to provide a flexible production system that makes superior QCD proposals possible. -
Tama Ohm,K.K. 044-944-8083 We manufacture and sell RoHS compliant wire wound power resistors, and have ISO9001 or ISO14001 verification for the whole company, and aim to manufacture high quality products that are environmentally friendly. We can manufacture and sell any amount, starting at 1 unit.
Toshin Electric Co., Ltd. 044-980-3333 In the 65 years since our company was established, we have developed and manufactured products for the computing industry. In particular, we specialize in making wide varieties of Japanese-made products in variable quantities and small quantities, and providing our products quickly.

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D: Metallics, metallic parts

Company name Contact details Message for companies overseas Photographs Detailed
Aiwa Shibori Co.,Ltd. 044-888-6361
We have developed metallic dishware using our metal spinning technology, which has been awarded Kawasaki Master status by Kawasaki city. We sell this metallic lacquer ware, and dishware under our Kintairei Urushi and Onami brands.
Hiroki Industry Co.Ltd 044-788-1321
Since our company was established we have been improving our techniques and technology, and also actively working to expand our business. We use our manufacturing experience to inform our business strategy.
Ishimori Co. Ltd. 044-221-0450
Based on our management philosophy Credibility first. Be thankful to customers, suppliers, and our employees, and to contribute to society, we meet the diverse needs of the international community with our technical know-how. We continue to explore, learn, and challenge ourselves in our quest to provide products and services that will satisfy our customers.
JKB Co.,Ltd. 044-888-1121
We are continually evolving stamping professionals who design and manufacture dies for ultra precise metal stamping.
Kakumaru Kinzoku Co., Ltd. 044-355-2591
1. Precision metal processing (round or square objects). Tolerance in micron
2. Cemented carbide processing (single item or volume production). Jigs, tools, etc.
We design and manufacture precision plastic molds. We are good at making very precise, durable molds in complicated shapes, and can make molds for products using 2 colors and 2 types of material.
Polec Co., Ltd. 044-822-7211 We are a specialized manufacturer of ultrasonic tools (hand tools). We manufacture ultrasonic polishing tools, cutters, and ultrasonic tool units for automatic/robotic machinery. -
Sanwa Creation Co., Ltd. 044-740-6800
Our core business is production of high-precision pin shafts. We excel in ultra-precision, microfabrication of cemented carbide and ceramic.
SASAKI KOKI CO.,INC 044-844-0338
We convert general industrial machines so they are automated and save energy, and design and manufacture machine systems. We also process metal components using machining centers and NC lathes.
SEIKO SPRING CO.,LTD 044-865-2711 We manufacture and sell hairsprings used in various types of measuring equipment, and can provide made-to-measure products as well as those made to our own specifications.
Tokin oar Co.,Ltd 044-333-0012 We develop, design, manufacture and sell security systems for safe excavation in mountain tunnel construction. -

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E: Information/Communication

Company name Contact details Message for companies overseas Photographs Detailed
Alphamedia Co., Ltd 044-712-7481
We provide a whole range of IT-related services, such as, hardware design and development; software planning, design, development and implementation support.
Isc inc. 044-431-2080 We have a 21 years of development experience, mainly focusing on image (picture) processing and control software. Recently we have been developing high speed image processing software that uses GPU. -
We provide telephone systems for railways, emergency telephones for roads, and emergency telephone systems that can be used in a wide range of environments, such as tunneling sites.
Routrek Networks, Inc. 044-819-4711
We develop and sell next generation hydroponic soil culture system Zero Agri which is based on our proprietary IoT technology. We also partner with world-class companies in drip cultivation technology to start general availability of Zero Agri in Asia.
Softem Co., Ltd. 044-245-0975
We supply an ERP system (ERPWatcher) designed for manufacturing and building industries, to Japanese companies operating in Indonesia.

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F: Plastics, plastic processing

Company name Contact details Message for companies overseas Photographs Detailed
We are a collective of Japanese mold manufacturers, and coating, and printing specialists with specialized techniques, and a company structured to meet your requirements.
Asurabbit Co.,Ltd. Asurabbit is a licenser of Lunch Vehicle, a specialized plastic bag for taking home ready meals, designed to protect your food by keeping it horizontal, and prevent the food from tipping to one side, or spilling from its containers.
We help our customers to add value to their products by printing onto plastic. -
MATSUMOTO SEISAKUJYO Co.,Ltd. 044-766-0034
We specialize in plastic molding, and can develop and manufacture a large variety of products.
Nissei-Kogyo Co.,Ltd. 044-797-2223 Our catchphrase is Testing the limits of cutting, and we do this every day by using our technology to cut difficult shapes, and composite and minute parts that cannot be processed using normal techniques.
SHINMEI LITE KOGYO Co.,Ltd. 044-722-9145
For half a century, since our company was established in 1960, we have specialized in thermosetting resin. We provide vital insulating parts for various uses, such as electricity generation and transmission, and railways. We can accept orders from the material manufacturing stage through to processing. This means that we can both cut transportation costs and reduce lead time.

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G: Medicine, welfare, food, biotechnology

Company name Contact details Message for companies overseas Photographs Detailed
A-LIFE Co.,Ltd. 044-948-7700 We plan, market and sell products based on functional food (nutraceuticals) discovered in university-based research.
ASTEM CO.,LTD 044-833-8453
We are a manufacturer that forms original brands, with a focus on medical and non-medical oximeters such as an infant oximeter called Toccare and the sun visor type f NIRS (Hb131S). Our corporation is world-renowned for its NIRS technology.
Chitose Laboratory Corp. 044-813-3380
Utilizing our experience in the development of breeding and cultivation technology for organisms (microorganisms, cultured cells, microalgae, etc.), we provide services such as project planning, seed technology creation, practical research and development, commercialization assistance and consulting. -
Danway Corporation 044-740-8837
As a company which aims to help people with disabilities expand work-specific skills using our patented ICT-jig (a user-friendly website creating software aimed at people with special needs and the elderly by breaking down huge tasks into manageable ones), development and sales of various teaching materials and the development, operation and sales of medical records where the ability and growth of their needs can be both quantified and visualized. In the spirit of maintaining people's health, energy and happiness, we also promote Shikuwasa(a citrus fruit) from Nago, Okinawa.
eN Co.,Ltd. 044-201-9957 We want to export Japanese-style caregiving to China, and encourage cooperation between Japan and China in the caregiving business.
Frontier International Co.,Ltd. 044-980-2226
Import and export of livestock equipment, import and sales of breeding stock, breeding programs and livestock consulting, HACCP workshops.
HapBeeBee.Co.,Ltd 03-6453-1822
The company sells pancake mix developed as weaning food. It is free of trans-fatty acids and uses a aluminum-free leavening agent.
IBUKI ELECTRONICS Co.,Ltd. 044-888-3796
As well as designing and manufacturing electronic devices and circuit boards, and designing and mounting circuit board patterns, we also develop and sell products such as our ClearVoice voice amplifier.
Jellyfish Research Laboratories, Inc. 044-281-4098!ask/c9an
We research, develop, manufacture, and sell mucin and collagen from jellyfish using safe materials combined with our proprietary material extraction technology.
JOKOH CO., LTD. 03-3815-1717
We have contributed to advances in healthcare over a history spanning 70 years. Our main business is the research, development and sale of medical apparatus, medical consumables and in-vitro diagnostic kits.
Kawasaki Flora Auction Market.,ltd 044-975-2714
Based in the metropolitan area, it is a general flower trading firm with comprehensive business that covers production, wholesale, and retail. In recent years it has focused on imports and exports.
MediScience Espoir Inc. 044-511-2214
We develop and sell health promoting products and functional cosmetics, based around WOX, new-generation oxygenated water that contains a high concentration of oxygen in water that the body absorbs easily. -
Nihon Life Care Co.,Ltd. 044-980-1120
We are helping to introduce Japanese caregiving services to the world. Do not hesitate to contact us about other related topics, such as collaborating with other companies and personnel training. -
TOMOWELL CO.,LTD 03-6794-9111
It is a trading company that specializes in the import and export wholesale of unique health and beauty products. The company works to meet their customer's demands with their motto of do not think it can't be done, think of a way to do it. They actively work to provide support by holding a variety of regular seminars on product knowledge and market education.
Tsunakawa Co., Ltd. 044-266-5183
We have 65 years of specialized experience in the sale of tea and seaweed with a wide variety of products, not only for daily use but also higher quality products.
We manufacture and sell uniforms for major food companies in Japan that prevent contamination. We develop highly-functional uniforms that maintain the environment of each factory they are used in.

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H: Construction

Company name Contact details Message for companies overseas Photographs Detailed
AMANO MUTEC Ltd. 044-944-4794
We manufacture concrete reinforcing bars for engineering and construction work. We are knowledgeable in the field of earthquake strengthening. We are also developing extremely strong reinforcing bars, and weather resistant reinforcing bars, and have strong links with the concrete industry.
DAO.CC CO.,LTD 044-822-0744
The company specializes in concrete construction for apartment buildings and uses safe and precise Japanese technology to shorten the length of construction.
IBS Co.,Ltd. 044-434-4489
The company specializes in environmental sanitation and creates odorless environments where bacteria cannot thrive and provides next-generation maintenance.

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I: wholesale, retail

Company name Contact details Message for companies overseas Photographs Detailed
BERG CO., LTD. 044-752-8196
The company manufactures and sells made in Japan, handmade, high quality fabric items (fashion items, interior goods) under their Noren monogatari and Binoren brands.
Beyond the Reef Co., Ltd. 044-767-1147
We design, manufacture and distribute knitted, sewn and woven goods and accessories. We make all of our products by hand.
Bless Road Co. Ltd. 044-580-1010
The company exports and sells Japanese secondhand goods popular for their high quality to various countries in Asia.
RAIHO Kogyo Co., Ltd. 81.44.822.9281
Distribution of Toshiba batteries and manufacturing the battery application products (e.g. Flashlight, deodorizer and DVD player).Processing and sales the metal materials.
Takara Youjyou Shizai Inc. 044-976-0666
Designed an eco-friendly soap containing Titanium apatite, a new material jointly developed by the University of Tokyo and Fujitsu Laboratories.

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J: Media, contents

Company name Contact details Message for companies overseas Photographs Detailed
ACW-DEEP Corp. 044-201-8839
We develop VR systems according to specifications which are used for safety training in construction industries or employee training in manufacturing industries, solve business challenges using videos, promote video productions, and provide various digital video services.

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