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Phase 2 project: Kawasaki Business Incubation Center (KBIC)

Project overview

The Kawasaki Business Incubation Center (KBIC) is an incubation facility dedicated to supporting the growth and development of venture businesses. Incubation managers and other personnel with extensive, specialized knowledge and broad networks of personal contacts offer fine-grained advice and guidance while working with experts in fields including management, finance, taxation, legal affairs, business planning, marketing, and technical development.
In addition, technology coordinators who have amassed extensive experience and technical skills in specialized technical fields at private-sector companies and other organizations offer a variety of technology-themed lectures. These personnel provide appropriate guidance to assist not only businesses with a presence in the facility, but also small and medium-size companies and startups in the city, in advancing their manufacturing technologies as needed.

Companies with a presence at KBIC

There are currently 1 research labs operated by 22 companies at KBIC (as of February 2015).

KBIC tenant companies Activities
GSP Lab., Inc. Development of a kit product which detects genetic abnormality
Belka Inc. Providing high quality SEO services and the other information services
Heavy-ion Medical Organization (HiMO) Aiming toward the popularization of heavy-ion radiotherapy treatment
Earth-Clean Co. Ltd Development of the construction method to hang TVs on the wall.
Effect Incorporated Design of LED optical lens and development of LED application products
IBM Japan, Ltd.
(The University of Tokyo social cooperation program)
Next generation nano-micro devices and systems for energy-efficient information processing
MediScience Espoir Co., Ltd. Development of water which can oxygen into the human body.
Z WATER Co., Ltd. Development of water purification systems, centering on reverse osmosis membrane
Ryukyu Functional Diagnosis Center Co., Ltd. A PET-CT Facility which purviews the Asia Pacific
Pet Board Inc. Providing social net-working services to make pets and owners happier
KURODA Precision Industries Ltd. Development of high-precision, high-performance motor cores
iXs Research Corp. Development and sale of the robots and electronic components for research.
Data Science Consortium, Ltd. Providing consulting serveces of high-quality data analysis
e-gle Corp. Research and development of electric vehicles
TecIO Service Ltd. Development of three-dimensional facial authentication by near-infrared rays
FOMM Corp. Development of compact electric vehicles with high-performance in-wheel motors
SCIVAX Co., Ltd. Commercialization of nanoimprint technologies, next-generation hyperfine processing technologies
SCIVAX Life Science Co., Ltd. Development of products for 3D spheroid cell culture besed on nanoimprint technologies
ZACROS (Fujimori Kogyo Co.,Ltd.) Improvement and research of “T-TAS®”, a microchip-based Total Thrombus-formation Analysis System
innovative DESIGN LLC Design firm that utilizes the innovative thinking principle and methodology researched and established in the Keio SDM to create innovative solutions which bring the value for the client and the society.
ACW-DEEP Corp. Providing a new movie production process “Previsualization”
Telemedica Inc. Medical information is readily available through Telemedica.
HIRO ICT Laboratory Tracking the Motion of Indoor Transport Equipment and Workers to Cut Down on the Labour
Kyodo International Inc. Providing extensive solutions including; MEMS sensors and nano-imprint lithography



Main Building and Annex


Two-story steel construction

Building footprint

Approx. 1,854 m2

Total floor space

Approx. 3,428 m2


Small offices (15 m2 each), labs (30 to 200 m2 each), prototyping room, manufacturing workshop, CAD/CAM training room, conference room, meeting and networking area, etc.

Room name Number of rooms Area Remarks
1st floor amenity area 1 78m2 Dining space, TV, drink vending machine
2nd floor meeting space 2 10.5m2
1 25m2
2nd floor networking space 2 30m2 Magazine and newspaper reading area
2nd floor conference room 1 50m2
Drink vending machine 1 Drink vending machine, snack vending machine

For more information, please see the KBIC website.

Occupancy conditions

KBIC offers two room types: lab-type rooms and small office-type rooms.
Lab-type rooms are available for up to five years (which can be extended in special circumstances for an additional three years) for a monthly fee of ¥3,500 (per square meter). Small office-type rooms are available for up to three years (which can be extended in special circumstances for an additional five years) for a monthly fee of ¥3,000 (per square meter).
For more information about room availability, please see the KBIC website (occupancy conditions page).