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Shin-Kawasaki Networking Council

In April 2012, NANOBIC's Research Building opened for use, followed by the finalization of tenant companies for all eight sections of area A in May and the opening of NANOBIC's Clean Room Building in September. In this way, manufacturing companies and universities with advanced technologies and human resources involved in research and development are gathering in the Shin-Kawasaki Zone, marking its steady development as a group of state-of-the-art research and development facilities founded on partnerships among industry, academia, and government.
With the formation of facilities such as these having fostered opportunities for partnerships among companies and universities, the Shin-Kawasaki Networking Council, an organization consisting of companies and universities in the Shin-Kawasaki Zone, was formed in July 2012 in order to promote the exchange of information among the companies, universities, and support organizations in the Shin-Kawasaki Zone and to create new partnerships (between industries, and between industry and academia).

Shin-Kawasaki Networking Council structure and organization

Secretariat : City of Kawasaki (Economy and Labor Bureau )
Participating groups : 27 companies along with universities, support organizations, etc. (as of March 2013)

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