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Use of NANOBIC equipment

As the trend toward increasingly compact, high-precision products continues, next-generation manufacturing demands technologies for high-precision fabrication, measurement, and other operations in the super-miniature, super-fine domain extending from micrometers (where 1 micrometer is one-millionth of a meter) to nanometers (where 1 nanometer is one-billionth of a meter). Such nano/micro scale technologies have potential for application in a broad array of industrial fields, from electronic devices to nanophotonics, MEMS/NEMS, micro/nano scale chemistry, and nano-biology. In recent years, the field has garnered a large amount of attention for its potential to contribute to the development of next-generation industries and the improvement of human lifestyles.

The City of Kawasaki is offering support for research and development through partnerships linking companies and universities (industry-academia partnerships) by establishing NANOBIC as a nano-fabrication facility at which the full range of research and development, from basic research to applied development, can be carried out at a single facility in the Shin-Kawasaki Sozo no Mori Area while drawing on a core foundation of nano/micro scale technologies.

The 4 Universities Nano/Micro Fabrication Consortium is playing a central role in partnerships linking industry and academia based on nano/micro scale technologies at NANOBIC. More information about this consortium is available here.

Although the equipment and hardware operated by the 4 Universities Consortium are too expensive for a single company to maintain internally, they nonetheless have the potential to facilitate significant advances in existing technologies.
By making state-of-the-art equipment and hardware operated by the 4 Universities Nano/Micro Fabrication Consortium available for use by area companies, NANOBIC is working to enable partnerships between companies and local industry, to lay the groundwork for the advancement of existing technologies, and to facilitate the creation of new industries.

Nano/micro scale work process

Introduction to equipment use

Equipment use pamphlet

For more information about equipment use, please see the equipment use pamphlet (PDF).
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